Essence of Gold/CBD Full Spectrum w/Gold Drops Bundle

We offer amazing product bundles for all our CBD and Hemp-based products. You get the best of the individual products at affordable prices. Below is what's included:

Essence of Gold
A 17th century recipe is used to extract a sticky oily substance from 99.99999% pure gold metal. This extract is then aged, refined, and filtered. The concentrated final product is diluted in 95% alcohol for maximum absorption. A powerful tonic, 

Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil is 750 mg of organically grown, hemp extract, with .3% or less, THC, which avoids any psycoactive effects.The CBD extract is suspended in MCT coconut oil for faster and more complete absorption.  Our products are non-GMO and completely solvent free. Product can be applied under the tongue or simply rubbed-on topically.  The product is perfectly safe,  and recommended for pets. Just add a couple of drops to their food.

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