My husband and I have a fourteen-year-old Boston Terrier named Buddy. Last year he began to lose the ability to walk. His legs were shaky and I could tell he was in a lot of pain. A friend of mind suggested CBD Oil. I was skeptical at first, but I figured I would give it a try. Within a couple of days, Buddy’s legs were stronger and firmer. He started to run again, roll around and wrestle with my other dog. His pain was gone. It was a miracle to see him go from being practically immobile to running like a pup having the time of his life! I’m so grateful for this product. It has given my dog a good quality of life in his old age. I highly recommend this product.

- Melissa N.


This testimonial is on behalf on my nearly 11 year old fur baby Tyke that has suffered with epilepsy since the age of ten months old. He has been on a combination of prescriptions throughout the years and is currently on Phenobarbital, Zonisamide, K-Brovet and Thryo-Tabs. He’s also on Denamarin due to the damage all the meds have had on his liver over the past 10 years.

We heard of CBD in doggie treats. We did try them but sadly there wasn’t any decrease in his seizures. One day when bragging about Tyke (as most proud fur baby parents do) to my friend Eileen, she mentioned this CBD oil so I did my research on it and spoke to his Vet prior to starting him on the CDB oil but figured what could it hurt. I’d try nearly anything to help the poor guy, within reason of course...

My Tyke has been taking this CBD oil for nearly 2 years, twice a day several drops are added to his food. His seizures have decreased dramatically. He went from about 2 or more every other month to only 2 in 2018 and 1 thus far in 2019 and this with absolutely no increase of any of his prescribed medications listed above!

I noticed the decrease in seizures after a month or two of his being on the CBD oil and his seizures are so infrequent now that I forget he even has epilepsy. Also, his last two blood panels were better than in 2017 when he was not taking CBD oil.

I know it’s because of the CBD oil and recommend it to all my family & friends because Tyke is proof it works!

- Kristine T.


My airedale, Sito had two ACL repairs. The first one did well, the second one he was doing ok but re-injured himself. He could barely get up and I was not sure what I was going to do. You have to understand, I love, love my Sito. Then a friend told me about CBD Oil I ordered from (Plantastic Health). Could see an immediate relief from him and started acting like his old self. He is now a new dog jumping up on the couch, running in the yard. I even give it to my Doberman to calm him down when it storms. Great Product

- Terry T.