Plantastic Health LLC is an organization dedicated to providing the highest quality products available.

We have a variety of products. They are the accumulation of several decades research, knowledge, and practical application. These product offerings have a long history of use. We currently have two types of CBD; Full Spectrum (<.3% THC) and Broad Spectrum (no THC), both of which contain 750 mg of CBD in a carrier of MCT oil. In addition to these, we have the traditional essences of Metals (in elixirs) which are organic extracts of Gold, Silver and Copper obtained through polymeric catalytic conversion of their respective salts. We also have a product called the Three Kings which contains an extract of gold, and premium fractions of frankincense, and myrrh all blended together. Both of our CBD products are infused with the extract of Gold which historically has been used to synergize with and accentuate other plant based tinctures.

You should receive your product within 2 - 3 days after payment verification.

Both Full and Broad Spectrum use a whole plant extarction. This process creates"the entourage effect", Which means these compounds work together in a synergistic way.  This holistic effect  includes various flavonoids, terpenes, and other cannabinoids. Full Spectrum contains .3% or less THC while Broad Spectrum is the same procedure with all the THC removed through an additional process.

These essences or elixirs are refined and prepared according to the traditional art of Alchemy. They were used historically in ancient times and based on a complete system of correspondences. Their use is furthermore documented at the Temple of Karnak in Egypt. This spiritual science (Alchemy) has also been referred to as Spagyrics. It's theory and usage is similar to Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese systems . Practitioners of this ancient science range from the priest-craft of Egypt to the Rosicrucians of Europe in the 1700's. 

*These products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Yes. The products are suitable for pets.  Just add a couple of drops to your pet's food about two times per day. You can add or reduce the amount of drops based upon your observation of your pet's behavior.

No. Our CBD products do not have any psychoactive properties and are derived from Hemp. As with our CBD products, none of the Essences of Metals have any intoxicating effects. 

Each bottle of CBD (30 ml) contains 600 drops. We recommend about 10 drops in the a.m. and 10 drops in the p.m. This will give you a 30 day supply. Usage will vary with each person based upon their metabolism. If you're new to CBD; start small and increase as needed. The Essences of Oils are very concentrated and are packaged in dram sized bottles. (3.69 ml) Each bottle contains 70 drops. Due to the strong concentration start slow... 1 – 2 drops per day.

The cannabis sativa plant has a long history of use in both Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese herbalism. The first documented study from the United Kingdom was in 1893-1894 and it was called the Indian Hemp Drugs Commission Report. Most of the research done by the American government took place during the 1970's.  Our products have not been evaluated by the FDA so we are not making any claims that our products are designed to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any affliction or disease.

Though CBD Oil is considered legal, we cannot 100% guarantee that you would be able to pass a drug test. We do offer a broad spectrum product that doesn't contain THC which is the molecule usually tested for. The broad spectrum product will not produce a positive test result.

To extend the shelf life, it's best to store the bottle in a cool, dark location away from sunlight.

CBD can be consumed in several ways.  The quickest and fasting-acting ways include: tinctures (under the tongue), topical application and vaping.  Other methods include capsules and product infused into foods and capsules.

There is no danger of CBD overdose, even with large servings.  The FDA has not created/determined an RDA guideline for how much the daily intake should be.  So, we recommend starting off with a small amount and increase the dosage as needed.  CBD signals interactions with the endocannibinoid receptors in the human body.  As such, you have to experiment with dosages until you find the optimal amount.  That could vary as your system changes over time.  Just remember, you will not get high or overdose with CBD supplements.

No.  Our CBD and related products are not approved by the FDA for use as a medicine.  

If you using a CBD product (even with < .3% THC) you may fail a drug test. Depending on how long and how much you have been taking, the THC can remain in your system for anywhere from 2 - 6 weeks. The only way to absolutely avoid failing a drug test is to use the Broad spectrum product with zero THC.  CBD can be consumed in several ways. The quickest and fasting-acting ways include: tinctures (under the tongue), topical application and vaping. Other methods include capsules and product infused into foods and capsules.