About Plantastic Health

Plantastic Health is a health and wellness company based in Henderson, Nevada. Our mission is to assist people in attaining a healthy and happy lifestyle.

We begin by providing products that address some of the physical health issues you're experiencing while encouraging people to, slowly but surely, start eating more fruits and vegetables and do some moderate exercise.

There is no, “magic pill, tincture or balm” that will solve everyone's physical problems. And certainly, we don't claim to cure anything. What we have done is to provide, high quality, non-GMO products that have helped others, and their pets, in dealing with challenging circumstances.

We are continuously developing new products that are condition specific as well as others that contribute to a healthier and enjoyable lifestyle. I personally went through this transitioning stage and it has made a profound difference. I'm 76 years old, with a lot of energy and lead a very active life. In fact, I look, and feel, better than I did 25 years ago.

You can read more of how and what steps I took to achieve this by reading, how I transitioned to a healthier lifestyle. For me, it is still a transitional process but I appreciate everything so much more.

To sum it up; it's never too late (or early) to make changes that will benefit your life. Your body has the amazing ability to heal itself. This is a fact. If you just help the process along by addressing the short term issues while giving it the best fuel (diet & exercise) your long term issues will turn out great.

We view ourselves as a catalyst in your quest to transition to a healthier lifestyle. Your whole life will change.

To better health for all!
Tom Waters